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The Pill-Free Solution to Pet Health!

Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Co is proud to carry Licks in San Francisco, California. LICKS are easy to use gel packets and gummi vitamins for dogs and cats. Our products were uniquely formulated by a veterinarian to have high levels of active ingredients and a 98% absorption rate (vs. 20% with pills and chews). In single dosed, fast acting delivery formats, LICKS has the solution for myriad health problems—from occasional anxiety to itchy skin.

Dogs Product

  • Dog Calming
  • Small Breed Dog Calming
  • Dog Calming Gummis
  • Small Breed Dog Multi-Vitamin Gummis
  • Small Breed Dog Multi-Vitamin
  • Small Breed Dog Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat Gummis
  • Dog Digestion

Cats Products

  • Cat Calming
  • Cat Calming Gummis
  • Cat Skin & Allergy + Shiny Coat
  • Cat Hairball Remedy
  • Cat Hairball Gummis
  • Cat Multi-Vitamin
  • Cat Multi-Vitamin Gummis